Journey to the Horizon Plus Begins

Journey to the Horizon Plus, an online award-winning quiz competition for all age groups, organized by the Server Yaşam Foundation in order to facilitate access to “correct information” from “right sources” begins.

With Ufka Travel Plus, it is aimed to bring together the participants with reliable works that teach the right belief, right thought and good morals, and to contribute to the growth and increase of individuals who read, think and shape their lives with what they read.

Competition Book “Two World Suns, Our Prophet”

The subject of the competition, which will be held on for three months on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday evenings at 21:00, was determined as the Two World Suns Our Prophet prepared by Cüneyt Suavi. Participants will be able to prepare for the competition by listening to the audio files published on the digital broadcasting platform All audio recordings of the competition book can be accessed on the platform, which includes podcasts and audiobooks in many categories.

Participants are responsible for the sections determined for the competition and will answer 12 multiple-choice questions. The entry code of the competition will be shared live on the Ufka Seyahat YouTube channel and on social media accounts.

In the competition, which will start on Sunday, February 14, 2021 and end on Friday, March 12, various prizes will be given to the winners.

Race for 3 Beautiful Months, Get Ready to Win!

The Horizon Journey Plus competition, the harbinger of mercy and salvation, will be a companion for those who want to work from the right source and compete for the hereafter for three months.

You can find detailed information about the competition, which will be held 3 days a week for three months, on and Ufka Travel Plus social media accounts.