My Online Summer School

My Online Summer School

Childhood is a very important period in which the foundations of an individual's future life are laid and his character is shaped. The childhood period, in which mental, emotional and spiritual development takes place, is the core of the child's future life. The efficiency of the training received during this period is a very effective factor in the formation of his personality.

Considering this effect, Server Youth Sports Club Association and Server Young Women's Association are carrying out the "My Online Summer School" project, which will support the development of children while enabling them to spend their summer vacation more efficiently.

They will learn by having fun

With "My Online Summer School", it is aimed to enable children aged 8-13 to comprehend the purpose of existence, to contribute to their personal and social development through education and activities, and to be able to do all these while having fun. During the summer school, activities and competitions will be organized in addition to various courses. Children will learn while having fun in a sweet competition with the scoring system.

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