Communication House Welcomes Its First Students

The Communication House Project, which was carried out by the Server Youth and Sports Club Association and the Server Young Women's Association with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, started education with its first students.

Communicationshane is a training program that includes hands-on interactive training in the technical and creative fields of the media and the use of media tools. With the interactive applied courses, workshops, volunteer work teams, experience sharing seminars, voluntary internship and patronage practice offered within the scope of the project, it is aimed to help young people realize their potential, while at the same time gaining professional experience.

In addition to courses such as screenwriting, journalism and SEO editing, basic camera and photography, UAV1 piloting, diction, presentation and visual design, the project participants are offered opportunities such as foreign language counseling and personality inventory tests.

A 140-Hour Training Program

At the end of the application evaluation process, the first students of the program started the education process with great enthusiasm. Students residing in Istanbul, aged 18-24, who are planning their careers on media and communication, will receive a 140-hour training. While the participants continue their training, they will also attend seminars and workshops organized by experts in their fields.

You can follow @iletisimhane social media account for detailed information and to be informed about the developments.