Goodness Desing Center

ITM is our ‘goodness center’. Our objective is to produce meaningful projects that invite people to goodness by facilitating problem-solving and design thinking and utilising the latest design tools and methods available. We aim to engage with individuals and serve as a resource to help their ideas turn into reality. At ITM we encourage people to be creative in their approach to solving social needs and issues and explore alternative perspectives to offer well-grounded, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

We believe that the well-being of individuals and our communities is interconnected. The goodness of individuals and the community is possible when all three physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of goodness have been considered. This holistic approach is engraved in our design thinking.

We have developed a four-step process to facilitate design thinking:

  1. Define – Undertake comprehensive research and in-depth analysis of the impact areas identified.
  2. Brainstorm – Brainstorm problem-specific ideas and shortlist solutions.
  3. Develop – Select a solution and develop a project plan identifying scope, schedule, resources, budget, risks, and a communication plan. Form teams and pilot test the idea and refine the project plan.
  4. Implement – Connect with socially engaged businesses or nonprofits to support and implement the project.

ITM supports the entire process with data-driven models, multidisciplinary teams, focus groups, expert opinions, surveys, and various design tools.

We have dozens of projects currently running and we invite individuals who embrace the goodness in their design thinking to join our team and spread goodness.