Focus Areas

The purpose of existence

We believe that people will attain true happiness when they discover the purpose of existence and live life accordingly. Therefore, we aim to initiate projects that promote for all to be impartial, informed, have true faith, moral integrity, and live life in line with the purpose of existence.

True inner peace

Despite the worldly possessions one has, the relentless pursuit for happiness never ends. We believe contentment comes with true inner peace. To this end, we aim to raise awareness about inner peace and support individuals in their quest for attaining it using a variety of media outlets.

Critical analytical thinking

Critical analytical thinking enables a person to rigorously evaluate ideas and events rather than accepting them at face value. Proactive recipients of information will be in a better position to direct and lead the way. Our goal is to expand existing services, raise awareness, and reach out to spread critical thinking skills.

Connecting with The Quran

Growing acquaintance with The Quran and reflecting on its meaning is a lifelong objective. We intend to develop programs that will facilitate a deeper understanding of The Holy Quran based on authentic sources.

Halal, natural, and healthy lifestyle

People who make informed choices about consuming and producing halal, natural, and healthy goods add value to their living standards. We aim to be individuals who embrace this lifestyle and strive continuously to improve our well being physically, spiritually, and socially.

Righteous individuals

We want to empower individuals to become confident with the choices they make, where one is able to distinguish right from wrong, align oneself with his/her values, have moral integrity, stay informed and conduct oneself in a righteous manner. We aim to cultivate an individual’s character so that he/she can attain inner peace with love, goodness, beauty, justice, and truth. Our goal is to provide the guidance necessary to raise righteous individuals in line with ethical and moral principles.


We want individuals to be aware of and care for the environment with a global perspective. We aim to develop environmentally sustainable goods and initiate projects that nurture a compassionate approach to all living and nonliving.

Overall, we aim to conduct our business in line with the abovementioned focus areas. In doing so, we emphasise the similarities among people and our approach is one of sincerity, love and compassion. We aim to provide sustainable activities using effective means of communication for all.