A New Person

We are born into an impeccable cosmic order. Our very own beings are shaped by the societies we are born into. Whilst this makes each of us unique, our fundamental need for truth and sense of purpose in life surfaces high and wide as the one shared a common goal for everyone. It is this yearning that sets us in motion to search for a meaning in our lives and until it is fulfilled the soul continues its search. Our addiction to worldly successes and pleasures stands on our path as an inconvenient truth and their temporary nature does not connect with us nor fulfils our souls. Deep down, humanity realises that this is not what we truly seek. We come to this realisation sooner or later with life experiences, knowledge, and/or intuition.

What we really desire is to make sense of our individual and social existence in order to realise our existential goal. Pursuing this goal with sincerity will pave the way to a righteous and independent individual with a new outlook and enable one to experience true inner peace.

In this regard, we think that it is crucial to connect with those who have in fact completed this search with a renewed sense of purpose and have chosen Islam as a way of life. We believe connecting with reverts and learning from their journey and experiences will add value to our perspective and play an instrumental role in the search for truth. We plan to bring you inspirational stories of reverts around the world giving a glimpse into their journey to Islam. My Journey will share refreshing interviews accessible to all where people can find questions answered and have the opportunity to relate to their stories.

We acknowledge that social change begins within one’s self. We want to reassure you that you are not alone in taking this life-changing decision. You will step into the natural path, Islam, the path of love, friendship, and compassion. You will get to know others that share similar concerns as you do. Find strength in and be inspired by thousands who have taken the step forward. Discover your purpose of existence and rewrite your story.