Journey to the Horizon

We live in challenging times where fact and fiction are intertwined. It is getting harder to distinguish right from wrong and genuine from artificial. People are bombarded with information unsure of its credibility. Such circumstances have become the inspiration behind the Step Up project where we aim to identify reliable sources of information and present them to our target audience. Theme based contests and quizzes are organised annually for varying ages and focus on specific subject areas.

We aim to facilitate self-improvement and support individuals to become better learners, develop their research skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. In addition, we want participants to put into practise the knowledge they have acquired.

Through extensive research and community engagement, we have identified and continue to identify gaps in accessing reliable resources and knowledge that our generation desperately needs to enrich their lives.

Our themes so far included:

Essential Islamic Knowledge
Reading Translation of The Quran
Prophets and Efforts to uphold Tawhid
The Inseparable Nature of Quran and Sunnah
High Morals
Islamic Etiquettes
The ability to identify credible sources, locate and access reliable information are some of the skills participants have thus far acquired.

This is a great opportunity to learn in a competitive and fun way with loads of rewards! Get ready and step up to the challenge jam-packed with exciting activities.